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The pepper has a strong aroma, which is a special flavor. It also has a mixed smell of lemon, pepper, taro and ginger. Some people like this flavor, but some people are not.I have a cold. There are many about peppercorns, which are more suitable for cooking a variety of delicious foods. How to eat peppercorns is the best. This requires our attention.

Mountain pepper steamed grouper material 1 grouper, 1 spoon of horsetail (mountain pepper), 3 spring onions, 1 ginger, 1 red pepper, 3 bay leaves?
4 slices, 1 spoon of rice wine, 2 spoons of fish sauce Method 1, cut a few slices of tender ginger, cut the rest into filaments, cut 2 onions, 1 cut into filaments, and cut red pepper into seeds.

Take a container and mix rice wine and fish sauce for later use. Adjust the amount of fish sauce according to the size of the fish.

Put the ginger slices on the steaming dish and put the grouper (to prevent the fish from sticking to the plate) 2. Put the ginger powder in the belly of the grouper, horsetail, bay leaf, spring onion, and shredded ginger.Let’s pour on the rice wine and fish sauce 3, mix the steamer and put the grouper into the steamer 10?
15 minutes (adjust the time according to the size of the fish), add the spring onion and pepper shreds, add the aroma of the steamed fish essence soup and add the aroma.

Raw pepper chicken material: a native chicken, boiled water 1000cc, white pepper, three pieces of salt, the right amount of salt method 1, cleaned the local chicken chopped with water, then boil the blood to remove the blood 2, and the traditional Chinese medicine store bought white pepper and cracked with cotton clothPacked 3, the hot chicken pieces are washed again with water and then put into the soup pot 4 with the pepper bag. After the soup is rolled, remove the impurities. Determine the softness and hardness of the meat according to personal preference.Chicken is cooked and seasoned with a small amount of salt to start the pot. Multi-colored peppers, dragons and phoenix materials 200 grams of chicken (skinned chicken legs peeled and diced), 200 grams of shrimp (diced), 50 grams of celery, 50 grams of lotus root, sweet potato50 grams diced, 50 grams diced bamboo shoots, 40 grams diced red pepper, 5 grams garlic, 5 grams diced green onion, 10 methods of potato shells1, chicken is slightly marinated in chicken powder, and then excess oil, lifted, roasted potato shellsCrispy, spare.

2. Garlic and minced shallots, sauté, add diced vegetables and stir fry, then add diced chicken and stir well.

3. Add the dried pepper sauce and stir-fry until the aroma overlaps.

4. Add Herbalife Flavor Dew before cooking. Stir-fry evenly, then serve on potato shells and decorate dishes.