Excessive lovers can easily lead to ecstasy

In some families, the only child is too close to the mother.

Especially when fathers are busy neglecting their wives and children, some boys and mothers actually become emotional “lovers”.

This phenomenon is not uncommon in real life, and the reason is worth exploring.

  In itself, due to the increase in the number of only children, boys are especially favored. Parents dare not let go for a moment, for fear of accidents.

If you only care about your child ‘s health, it ‘s extenuating, but the problem often lies in the parents ‘attitudes and parenting styles: some boys have been sleeping with their parents all the time, and even their parents’ sex lives are not shy.Children; there are boys who have been sleeping in the same bed with their mothers, and their fathers have been left aside, so that many problems will appear immediately after puberty; some middle-aged mothers will talk about the intimacy between mother and child, so that when the son mustTo touch some parts of her body to fall asleep, or to say how her son can’t live without her mother, “Lai” stayed on the mother’s bed, and their tone seemed to think that the child was “coquettish”, which didn’t cause any harm.

But when the child’s puberty comes and the sexual consciousness sprouts, does the boy complicate the mother-a mature woman’s body indifferent?

  From this we can see that our “Oedema complex” today is the product of wrong tutoring, or is caused by the mother’s excessive love for her son.

To paraphrase Freud’s words, it may be said that the mother’s “love partner complex” has induced the son’s “love mother complex”.

Therefore, this phenomenon may be called the “mother and child love complex”, this is a “freak” of a mother-child relationship that we must pay special attention to.

  The consequences of the “mother and child love complex” are dire.

The extreme harm is the tragedy of an abnormal mother-child relationship.

According to the investigation of psychological counseling, similar cases often occur during telephone or communication consultations with better confidentiality.

A more general hazard is seriously affecting the personality development of boys.

Because of the mother’s excessive love and pity, the boy is psychologically naive, usually strong, lonely and out of touch, will not associate with his peers, and lacks the masculinity of the boy.

In my psychological consultation, I met a few “not growing up” boys.

They are all big and small, but they are as childish as a few years old doll.

It is understood that they have one thing in common: they all sleep in the bed with their mother until they are in their teens.

When their mother was worried about their children “grow up”, I was fortunate for them, after all, their son has not projected his dim sexual consciousness on his mother!