[How to make broccoli delicious]_Broccoli_How to make_Production method

In fact, broccoli is more commonly eaten at the dining table, and eating broccoli is also good for your health, but if you want to make delicious broccoli, you must also pay attention to the correct selection to avoid choosing too hard flower balls.Broccoli, because this broccoli is relatively old and affects the taste.

Method 1: Ingredients: broccoli, vegetable oil, pepper, pepper, salt, sugar, chicken powder 1: Make broccoli into small pieces, then wash it and put in water in a pot.Eat, nicknamed the taste is not good, so what is the best time to simmer, here is a trick, is to broccoli cold water pot, when the water is boiling, you can turn off the fire, this time must be immediatelyRemove the broccoli, because it is not tasty after soaking in hot water for a long time.

2: Pour the oil on fire. When the oil is 50% hot, add pepper and chili to smelt the aroma, then add broccoli to copy it. Do not fry it for a long time, then add a few times, such as salt, sugar (freshness).Do not use more), sprinkle a little chicken flour after turning off the fire.

When picking broccoli, the heavier the feel, the better the quality.

However, it is also necessary to avoid the flower ball from being too hard, such broccoli is relatively old.

Method two: garlic broccoli 1, raw broccoli 400g, garlic 15g, starch 5g, salt 2g, chicken essence 5g, and water 90ml.

2. Wash the broccoli, cut it into pieces, put it in boiling water and bake it, and remove it for use. Wash the garlic and wrap it to make garlic. Use water, starch, salt, and chicken essence to prepare water starch for future use.3. In a clean wok, add the starch water that has been adjusted, and gently stir it until it is transparent; sprinkle the garlic, immediately turn off the heat and pan, pour on the broccoli that has been placed on the plate, and the garlic broccoli will serve.