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[Ginger skin Chen Pi Sang Bai Pi Poria can lose weight?
]_ Recommended diet

  The ginger, Chenpi, Sangbaipi, and Poria cocos are very common in life. They are usually found in homes.

These medicinal materials are generally used separately, and they also work well together.

However, whether it works or not depends on the individual’s physical fitness and whether they can consume these herbs.

Many people use these medicines to lose weight, promote digestion and absorption, regulate aunt, and promote gastrointestinal dredge.

So is there any weight loss effect?

Let’s introduce them separately.

  Ginger Ginger Ginger is a traditional Chinese medicine made from the epidermis of ginger. It is also a coat of ginger. It has the effects of promoting edema subsidence, promoting smooth urination, preventing hotness, diarrhea, insufficient blood, decreased physical fitness, physical weakness, and puffiness on the head and face.

So ginger peel is conducive to edema-type obesity and edema-type obesity.

  Chenpi Chenpi, also known as orange peel, is a traditional Chinese medicine.

There are spots in the peel, and the possible citrin and riboflavin can help digestion and promote gastrointestinal motility.

It can supplement vitamin bc, increase digestion and secretion, prevent swelling and increase appetite.

It can be beneficial to smooth urination, and has a good effect on weight loss, weight loss, expelling cold, and alleviating cough and sputum.

  Mulberry skin has a strong repairing effect on skin wrinkles, enlarged cell pores, facial scars, and acne scars.

Conducive to the recovery of wounds, promote skin absorption, mulberry skin is helpful for beauty and beauty.

Many people have a bad face during weight loss. Using water from the top row can prevent dullness, increase pigment, expand pores, and promote metabolism.

  Poria Poria is large in size, used for processing and medicine, and has a good regulating effect on the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency, poor diet, thin stools, restlessness, and insomnia.

Among them, it is beneficial to promote the resolution of edema and is suitable for patients with excessive edema, which can effectively improve the human immune system, thereby reducing blood pressure and blood fat, so the effect of weight loss is very good.